Long-term strategic engineering technologies & tools for plant design and operations are available at the enterprise level. Alphacon leads clients through these concepts by using the following plant automation software components:

  • Engineering & Schematics
  • Information Management

The above mentioned technologies are a comprehensive set of next-generation plant software products. It offers increasing IT value to improve project execution, handover, and plant efficiency. Our customers increase plant efficiency and productivity.

This solution offers a powerful portfolio of best-in-class plant automation applications, which may be deployed individually or as a flexible, integrated solution; allowing an organization to successfully unleash the untapped value often restricted by silo-centric communication and execution combined with specific business needs to create substantial return on investment while reducing risk.

By using this technologiy Alphacon helps customers achieve multiple hidden benefits by improving plant engineering efficiency by up to 30 percent.

Integraph products

SmartPlant Instrumentation

  • Life cycle control system solution from specification to ordering, installation, construction, and operations, with support of new control system technology such as fieldbu
  • Interface with leading control system vendors, vendor catalogs, and the physical (3D) world for the automatic creation of in-line components
  • Single source for all deliverables enforces consistency and quality through rules and verification

SmartPlant Electrical

  • Design of the power distribution network and motor/load controls
  • Interface with market-leading analysis solution ETAP
  • Interface with control system for interlocks and with 3D modeling for cable management and physical design

SmartPlant P&ID

  • Solution for facility configuration and rule-driven design with connectivity model and relationships
  • Ability to make the right decision early in the design process and support industry engineering standards and practices
  • Support for worksharing, presenting data in reports, and creating graphic-based queries to the engineering database


  • Engineering companion supports engineering and design tasks with a parametric- and relationship-driven 2D sketching tool
  • One tool supports various traditional CAD formats

Alphacon products

Athena suite

Athena Suite is a software conceived for the worldwide process plant engineering Companies.

It is created as a plug-in of engineering software Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation, with the purpose to perform automatically cataloguing and storage operations as:

paging, indexing, and classification of the project documents.

Later it develops further functionalities as the integration of all interfaces developed from and towards the others Intergraph and non-Intergraph products or software, building an external area for the exchange of the data.

Athena Suite is easily tied with the SmartPlant Foundation Database through a bi-directional interface customized for the automatic publication of the different document.
The architecture of Athena Suite is studied to distribute the functionalities all around the world through the most common publication systems as Terminal server and Citrix Metaframe.

SmartPlant Foundation

  • Schema modeling and configuration
  • Automating the business requirements
  • Customization (all modules) and Development
  • Schema mapping
  • Integration with third party system and other SmartPlantĀ® design systems
  • System hosting and maintenance

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