Athena Suite is a software programme conceived for worldwide process plant engineering companies. It has been created as an engineering software Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation plug-in to perform automatic cataloguing and storage operations such as:

  • paging
  • indexing
  • project document classification

It then develops further functions such as the integration of all interfaces developed from and towards the other Intergraph and non-Intergraph products or software, building an external area for data exchange.

Athena Suite is easily tied with the SmartPlant Foundation Database through a bi-directional interface customized for the automatic publication of the various documents. The architecture of Athena Suite has been studied to distribute the functions worldwide by means of the most common publication systems such as Terminal server and Citrix Metaframe.

Document Manager Module is a flexible tool that allows to tie single Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation reports into a unique final document, in PDF format. It offers the function to perform in multiple mode several operations at the same time to generate, to order and to number the pages of the documents, letting the user decide the criterions to use. Thanks to this feature it simplifies and speeds up the daily management of each project documentation, reducing the time normally used to prepare the technical documentation up to 50%.

Some of the working functionalities are:

ATHENA SUITE converts the different incoming documents into PDF format; with this procedure we can obtain a flexible and universal instrument to be able to integrate with all the different equipments databases.

The Interface Module is the interface environment between Intergraph SmartPlant Intrumentation and all the other Integraph, non Intergraph and homemade software. Its flexibility is given by the combination of the following technologies XML (Extended Markup Language) and XSL (Extended Stylesheet Language) that allow the data export (in xml, cvs format) and generation of custom reports in HTML format.

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